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Balancing the Heart with Art

This caught my eye as it is designed with a feminine presence in mind. It also shares a message of balance and when combining the two, we can remember that when the feminine is in balance it  is a benefit to the world.

It brings to mind the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  Having lived it as mother and child, from my perspective it is so true.

This design is actually an artistic expression with a therapeutic use. How interesting the designs with specific uses in mind!

Of course this is from my perspective, though I see the arms uplifting wide in expression balancing with intention to uplift the world in embrace, while declaring a positive femininity with its bold red color. It is the soft shape of the lines being somewhat irregular and human and the curvature that molds the internal to the external and vice versa that intrigues.

Expression, intention and a call for contribution come to mind with this design, it does remind me that there are expressions each of these labyrinths make. Beyond the heart focus is the dialogue of the creator who molded and shaped it and I believe with heart.  That is a focus to walk with, the heart of the inventor.

Enjoying the creative soul on this last day of February. May the walks of heart we’ve enjoyed together pump up more pleasurable possibilities into this day and this remainder of our year.

In Bliss,


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Bed, Breakfast and the Heart of a Labyrinth

Heart Labyrinth at the Sedona Cathedral Highway Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast locations lend themselves to the labyrinth as they are generally cozy places that are cared for by individuals who like people and understand the nature of the labyrinth as a place to unwind, restore and refresh themselves.

This beautiful labyrinth is an opportunity waiting for any of us to happen to it.  The heart shaped labyrinth is set at the Sedona Cathedral Highway Bed and Breakfast. It is nestled away for privacy and set against the red clay of the Arizona landscape adds an enriching invitation to all who wish to wander.

It is said that all who wander are not lost and we all certainly fit that category quite well.

In this month of “discovery of the heart”, this blog hopes to open us some simple ideas for walking with heart and being of heart in the journey of this month.  I love to be curious about what is round the next corner and so the labyrinth with its many daily opportunities fits quite well in being a serviceable instrument. When I add intention such as finding heart in the many moments of the day it creates a whole new perspective on the day and the month, which I am sure will find its way to inspiring the year as well.

Though I also love choice and as we inspire our inward journey, this exploration of  how the heart is shaped in and of  the labyrinth, it is marvelous to find the creative souls who have put it to use in interesting ways. It shows just how unique we all are.

In the love of labyrinths however, we are all the same.

all for one and one for all,


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The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

Today was a day to simply flow back and forth and in curious search of the small steps forward, there was a meandering tone to it all. A labyrinth doesn’t have to be about elaborate crossroads and conversions, sometimes it is just a flowing pathway that winds and unwinds at the same time.

We are reminded in a meander of the medicine of the snake and a reflection that this in this year of the snake, we may have more opportunities to simply wind our way through things. Done with heart it has an effect like the tides of water…ebb and flow.

I found myself doodling as I was writing and thinking of a few things and I soon realized I had made a serpentine line running down the page and hearts on the other side of the page and with a wondering soul I ended up winding around the hearts and soon realized I had a nice little reminder of what it is to walk with heart…hearts in this case.

I can see this image in the ground with a swell of nature along the paths encircling the hearts. It is the mindlessness nature we seek that brought about this heart walk today…

What’s your heart intention for today?

Have Heart,


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Labyrinth of a Smiling Heart

A Smiling Heart Path

I think all labyrinths have a smiling heart somewhere when they are designed. We don’t always see it til after the fact sometimes, though it’s there. I like to imagine that it’s there because it has purpose and if people with purpose are fulfilling contribution in this world, then without the obvious in emotionality, why not feel the embrace of the smile in every walk?

I enjoyed the whimsy in today’s walk as it’s good to find the amusement in the everyday, it helps balance the oh so serious days. This image of the “Smiling Labyrinth” reminded me of that whimsy…and ha ha with heart!  It’s that little curly cue in the center that gets me.

I wrote a book on the Smile a few years ago and recently re edited it with my daughter as the basis for the smile. She has a smile in her soul and such animation that there was no shortage of laughter and wonderful feelings in our photo shoot. I know that when I finally republish it, that this was the right path for me to follow. It had heart and love all wrapped up in the variety of smiles we created and what I essentially wrote about was the how and why of the valuable nature of the smile with some practical applications.

It is the little things like someone sending you a simple email that says “Good Morning”, and how another can hear your smile over the phone that reminds us of the simple things that make a difference.

I had a chance to create a smiling labyrinth at a conference one year and what an effect it had on the participants.  One of the walks we did was just to increase the awareness of your smile with each turn inward and then receive it from others you meet on the path as you exit.

May we all have a little smile today and receive one back…

Putting some smiles in my miles,


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Line and Design with Heart in Mind

Heart Lines

Lines, Designs and Creativity seem to be a natural order of the labyrinth. I recall as many will too the pages and pages of labyrinth design that was created that surely resembled a scene from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where the obsession of the images showed up in stacks and stacks of repeated drawings.

Luckily I am not that obsessed but do like to let the pen carry me away from time to time and what it returns is sometimes unusual or unique and once in awhile it has value.

Call them heart lines because they surely connect your heart with what is being created and as the labyrinth yields gracefully to our curiosity  we can be assured that it leaves us the opportunity to contribute with our imaginations.

I like to think of the lines that we create as ones of “labyirnthatude”, where it tells us the proximity of greatness intersected with possibility.

This is where I  draw the line,



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Heart Lights the Labyrinth

Light the Heart of Hope Labyrinth

Made originally with wax candle cups, this labyrinth of heart was designed with Haiti in mind. What better gift to give than shaping the heart to be used for the purpose of healing and hope.

At this website with poems and prayers, you can see the design without being lit and it is still impressive.

While I look for the interesting hearts in community, globally and in my own life, what I notice that shows up in my own walk is something similar and synergistic in message or mode.

This labyrinth design pictured is as impressive with the lights on or off and that was what I heard in my walk… no matter what it is all on the path as it is.  A good reminder of acceptance and a lot less futility there is when I heed the message.

Today whether you are in the light or in the dark, your heart will surely know what to do with it, trust that and follow where you are led.


Simple words ,






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A Sweet Heart Walk

We often think of life as labyrinth enthusiasts through the steps we walk, though this sweet design reminds us too that as we take in life, it is also bite by bite and that in being grateful for the pieces that lead us to the whole, we come into that experience more full and rich in who we are and with greater comprehension.

A SweetHeart Labyrinth

This is a busy day and age, where things seem to move at a hurried pace and gives us impression that we are obligated to speed and accomplishment. The truth is that we get results everyday it seems from everything we do  or don’t do, results appear. All this hurry leads to the giant leaps and shortcuts and while this can be helpful in plenty of circumstances, it doesn’t have to be the way of life.  In coaching individuals I often find that the action of leaping and shortcutting often is not a savings because there is something somewhere else that takes them longer to do, so in the long run it isn’t a very efficient practice. To save the world from skimmed knowledge, the labyrinth exists.  In an unassuming way we are reminded about this sweet labyrinth design today, slow down… have a cookie and all the right steps will be created. Take it bite by bite, savor the flavor and be satisfied with what you are left with by the time you reach the heart of it.  In gratitude for cookies, labyrinths and the bites of life that are delicious,Lynda

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Listening with the hEARt

Appreciating the fine art of communication is more about listening than anything else. In the heart we will find an ear, it’s even anchored into the spelling…H EAR T!

Lo Sheng Sanatorium in Taiwan

When we listen with the heart we are hearing those wonderful communiques that are calling for our attention. We can skip past the tangled emotion and hear the clarity with depth.

It makes it then equally important  to walk with our ears open in the labyrinth equally as much as we concentrate on the heart, as the subtle sounds and even the silence have much to tell us. We’ve all heard the call of something when in the labyrinth, it is why we continue to walk it.  It is as if we are listening with more of the body and heightening our sensory perceptibility.

Inner Ear Labyrinth

After all, within the network of our body’s auditory structure is the cochlea which has a spiral on one end and semicircular canals at the other. It is a natural labyrinth, as are many of our other bodily structures. Perhaps it is a message of importance in reminding us how to ingest more of what we hear that comes from a truth or at the heart of the matter.

We hear at least 16,000 words a day on average for most of us, though chattier folks can get out about 47,000 words and I believe that is about a word every second for twelve hours. In all that, we hear a lot, filter a lot and absorb a lot. We take in a lot of information, though what do we actually listen to?  I often think that listening with more of the body, we also feel it too and in the combination we sort through to what is oriented as truth and what holds value. A walk on the labyrinth can yield a way to listen more deeply and at the same time sort through it all.

The Open Heart Labyrinth Design by Carol Posch Comstock

I was doodling again with a labyrinth where the borders were outlined with ears. Though in looking at it, thought it might be too odd in walking as it somehow doesn’t bring the peaceful image to mind.  I imagined that with so many ears listening, one might feel obligated to communicate or cognitively mull over thoughts instead of releasing the thoughts to listen deeper. Rather it might be more serviceable as a gentle reminder to listen by having it in the center where there might be more of a feeling of being listened to. Why reinvent the wheel? I found an image that spoke to this idea as well. It looks like a heart in the center, though when tipped…the heart is an outline of the ear… very clever!

One of our own labyrinth enthusiasts created this design, Carol Posch Comstock, in durable corian as a  finger labyrinth or pendant. website

May we enjoy the sounds of the heart today magnified by the steps of purpose we create… and as this image suggests, if you don’t hear it at first, gently tip it a little to change perspective and then let go and listen.

Hearing Heartbeats,


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Two Lips and One Heart

Did you know that today is the birthday of  Charles de L’Ecluse who was born in 1526 and passed in 1609. What is significant about Charles is that we was a botanist and from his interests  introduced the tulip to Holland.

By this image you will understand the natural connection in today’s selection of where the heart is in labyrinths.

This is a 3D rendering of the Heart of Tulip Labyrinth and so far only set in imagery, though in the imaginative eye, one can see this as the height of simplicity as a very subtle and intriguing statement about labyrinths. Some how with florists and horticulturists, they always manage to coax the blooms, though for many of us, I bet you were thinking about that odd tulip that might not come up.  A few extra plantings elsewhere, an easy transplant and voila…

May the flowers of your heart bloom with possibilities today on your walk,


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A Heart of Stone

The Heart of Stone

The Heart of Stone

Lea Goode-Harris designed this appealing heart of stone for a private individual. It can be found on the Santa Rosa Labyrinth website.

It has a nice element of color in the stone and a variety of small features that add a sense of flourish or heart in the creation of this design with heart.

From the inner heart to the shape of the heart encircling it,  this backyard design gives the individual an opportunity to seek the heart of the matter daily if they so choose. When we have the visual clues around us we are more likely to use them and perhaps the fortunate purpose this was created will have the feeling of heart in mind whenever it is used. We know as well that any design with Goode in mind is a design of the heart.  Beyond irony, the idea of having a heart of stone can really be one that is heartfelt.

May our ironies and of heart all be so Goode,


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