Put Your Best Foot Forward

Greetings and welcome to the TLS 365 Club blog!

FootTatoo_PinterestThis is a way for our members to connect, share and find purposeful dialogue for their commitment to the daily walk.

I happened to see this image on the web by tattoo artist Thomas Hooper and it made me think of what a wonderful way to be connected to the labyrinth step by step as you walk in life.

May we all enjoy sharing information this year, growing in our walk and purpose and finding many opportunities on the path this year.

Both Mary and I look forward to the many ways we will grow and the many connections we as a club will make.

Do look for our monthly news and share daily on this blog post. May this be a year that we are really on our toes and feel ticklish about the opportunities!

Wishing us all a blissful journey….

Lynda Tourloukis

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2 thoughts on “Put Your Best Foot Forward

  1. I just found your blog. Congratulations. You have so many interesting photos that want to start at the beginning so I don’t miss anything.

  2. What a fascinating concept… Half of the labyrinth on each foot.

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