The Punxsutawney Labyrinth

Happy Ground Hogs Day!

The Plantation Get A Way Bed and Breakfast Labyrinth of Punxsutawney, PA

A Punxsutawney Labyrinth  at  the Planation Bed and Breakfast

If it weren’t for this day of weather weirdness, this particular labyrinth might be an obscure portal of peace in the footnote of only enthusiasts in the know. As a result of the Ground Hog’s journey to see his shadow side, a creative a look for the labyrinths in the area was a lighthearted, whimsical, and might I add…a  fun opportunity.

This labyrinth was the only to be noted for the area and yes, it is listed on the Labyrinth Locator too. It has somewhat of a cause celebrity status being the only one present  in Punxsutawney, the famous location of the yearly Ground Hog’s festival that informs the rest of the world as to the status of our winter forecast.

For this daily walk, I choose to let it be whimsical laying one foot in front of the other in the name of fun. Will I see my shadow and what will it impart?  Not being in Punxsutawney for this day, I opted for the Baltic Wheel finger labyrinth I had in my possession for my walk today. I like this design because it imparts to me a sense of movement. I think of it as releasing what is stuck as the flow of the path has fluidity in the long stretches and it is that spiraled center point that almost reminds of releasing everything as if it were a spiraling drain into the center.

No matter where we are all on this day, on the labyrinth we come together and if you are on the Baltic Wheel today, perhaps we will spiral into some lightheartedness together and hold that perspective in exploring the shadow side of  the labyrinth and ourselves in it all.  The labyrinth has a way of showing us so many things, today perhaps it is the light and darkness and our appreciation of it.

May we all walk lightly in the shadows,


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