Discovering the Heart of a Labyrinth

As we walk through the month of February and keep mindful of our heart focus, as we shared in the newsletter that it might be of value to discover the many heart shaped, heartfelt ideas or labyrinths that affected the heart.

This labyrinth is from San Pedro and was found on the Gallery NeuArtig. It was designed by Annemarie Rawlinson who is a local artist that wants to make San Pedro a city of labyrinths.  This is a group called “Friends of the Labyrinth”.

Friends of the Labyrinth in San Pedro with artist A. RawlinsWe know it takes some process to put a labyrinth together, even if it is only one for your backyard. Consider the heart that goes into wanting to share this with all and Annmarie’s idea to make San Pedro the City of Labyrinths.

How amazing is that and how much do we all support her efforts. I speak for myself of course, though I think there is a little cheer in us all when someone takes on the cause of labyrinths for the greater good and a more global outlook.

Carry on Annmarie and San Pedro. It reminds me of the intentions I have and what I put my heart into to make it happen. There’s a song… that has the words “…when you put your heart in it, it can take you anywhere. ”  I looked it up and it is a Kenny Rogers song, funny I found the lyrics on the “” website, how much of a message is that…may we sing and walk with heart everyday!

For today…I’ll put my heart in it and enjoy where  the path leads,


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One thought on “Discovering the Heart of a Labyrinth

  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful story. We are walking with heart here in Myanmar as well. To see two recent posts check out and I’ll be posting more labyrinth stories in the coming month. Jill Geoffrion

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