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The  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is a small park located in the northern region of California, just off the Oakland border and part of the East Bay Regional Park District.  For a relatively small park there is an extinct volcano and some amazing vantage points where the sun sets softly on the bay.

What is significant for us to know about this park is that there are four labyrinths (and perhaps a fifth has found a home recently).  Those who put in the labyrinths did so in each of the directional points so that there is a labyrinth in the northern region, southern, east and west.

Heart Labyrinth near Oakland, CA

Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve, California

Even more significant is that in hiking the trails in the southern region one might happen upon a small heart shaped labyrinth.

From the visitor center it is just over a mile to discover the path and on this link is some helpful instruction so that it is easy to find, though it sounds like this park and all the labyrinths here would be a delightful journey to travel through. More information about the Park .

I know when I come upon some happy little find it is good heart medicine, simply because it is a surprise in a delightful way.

Today I am looking for more of the heart medicine in my walk and after. It is the steps we make off the labyrinth that are the true journey of the day.

May yours be heartfelt,


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