The Mysterious Path of the Heart

I have two other daily commitments that I enjoy on a daily basis besides walking the labyrinth. I host a laughter call (since 2008) and I play the game of Wizzdom daily. Along with the labyrinth they are things that intrigue me and shape my day’s focus.

Today’s focus on the game had to do with using the sense of touch. I’ve found when we take away the sight, our other senses become more defined. So it was interesting today as I meditated in front of my fountain and decided to use a cedar labyrinth I had hanging on the wall from a few years ago.  The elements of nature were present with fire (candles), metal (candle holders), water(bubbling in the fountain), wood(fountain sits on a wooden platform) and stone (fountain is a yin & yang design made of stone) and even if they weren’t somehow it would still be alright as I began my walk along the cedar path.

Chartres Finger Labyrinth

The Cedar Heart-Opening Labyrinth

Perhaps because of the laughter call I was already amused, though I found the fun in careening around the edges and the balance in negotiating the turns on my entry into the labyrinth, I was letting go alright! By the time I arrived in the center I felt relaxed and with the interesting pattern carved into the center I seemed to gather my thoughts and watched them align more succinctly than they had all morning…bless the labyrinth. 

The trip home, as I sometimes refer simply reminded me of the feeling under my fingers, peaceful and joyfully part of my experience.  On a finger labyrinth one can make it last, though most of the time it is over all too fast. I found if I wanted to stay intentional with the heart path of the month, I pulled it closer to my heart in an almost embrace with my hands feeling the soft edges of the cedar.

Chartres Finger Labyrinth

The inscription on the back read….

I sat still in reflection for a time and then had the thought to turn the labyrinth over. I recalled vaguely that there was writing on the back and what a fun surprise to find that this was called the Cedar Heart-Opening Labyrinth.  It had an arched inscription that read ” The Willingness to Surrender in Trust and Openness Leads to a Peaceful Heart.” So, I am on the path of heart!

It went on to describe the use of cedar as intentional as it is a natural essence and with its aromatic qualities brings about dignity, grounding and strength and was used because of its comforting qualities in construction as it enhances focus, frees anxiety and scattered thoughts.  What a wonderful insight and with loving heartfelt intention I have been a part of today!

To the ladies of ispiritual that I purchased it from at one of the gatherings of the past, I am of a great- full heart in reading this and feeling the alignment of intention to be of heart in all this month, especially in this day!

May you all discover the path of heart today.

Kind of makes me excited about tomorrow already,


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