A Park with Heart

Heart in the Park Labyrinth

Heart in the Park  Tonkawa, OK

The idea for the Heart in the Park came about in 2006 in the town of Tonkawa, OK.  Tonkawa is called the “Wheatheart of Oklahoma” for its abundant wheat production. It is also named for the Tonkawa tribe which first settled there.  The Tonkawa name translates to “They all stay together” though to the Tonkawa it translates as “Real People”.

The city of Tonkawa exists because of its wheat harvest and its ties to education with the North Oklahoma University present, though became a hot spot almost overnight with the discovery and manufacture of oil production.  In this it has the educational appreciation, the finances, and the diverse cultural aspects to appreciate a labyrinth in the community.

Marty and Debi Kermeen were called in to create this artistic project as the Heart in the Park is known for being an attraction to the town and is proudly boasted as such on several websites.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Marty and Debi, they are people of service and love in the dedication and care they put into each labyrinth they build. It is only fitting that those who put so much heart in what they do, create the Heart in the Park in Tonkawa… the town and tribe of real people.

Heart in the Park Labyrinth

A Heart Path

The story in pictures is located at this link and it is wonderful to see the process of a labyrinth through the construction to note the heart that is being put into it.

Thanks to Ken Crowder for his photography.

This labyrinth has a timeline of historic events along the border of the heart and so it also serves as a timekeeper for the community.

In search of heart paths everywhere, may the steps we take today deliver a heartfelt message of authenticity (for the name of the Tonkawa tribe), effort, (for the heartfelt approach of the Crowder’s and Kermeen’s), a center (as the Wheatheart is the center of agriculture), and be impactful (as the historical reference this labyrinth creates).

Walk with heart and walk with purpose,


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