Heart as Art

The Labyrinth we know is a walking path, and as we know from the Heart in the Park labyrinth,  it can also be perceived as artwork. The same is true and more likely to be the case in a finger labyrinth. Some are not made with intention of finger walking, though for labyrinth enthusiasts…we always find a way to walk.

Art Heart Labyrinth

A Heart as Art Labyrinth

This labyrinth found on a blog site is the work of an artist who incorporates the design into further geometry and in this depiction uses the white as the pathway. It is symmetrical so that it ends in the left lobe of the encircled heart and begins again to retreat with no definite resting place to receive.

This one almost looks as if a face and that is what subjective art may do, allow us the creative interpretation whereas objective art can be measurable as mathematics and all lines and inclusions are relative.  In a labyrinth however we often find that it is objective in its design and subjective in what we create while in the experience of it.

Explore your heart in walking today and discover your art mindedness and art flowing appreciation of all. There is really no right or wrong way to walk, and the same is true with interpretations. With the heart however, if it feels open and true it is a more effective experience and when not, an opportunity to change it. Walk on it and see.

Loving the days of discovery,


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