Designs of the Heart Walk

The Finger labyrinth is always an interesting and easier way to create design, because it is more like creating a small prototype for a larger design and even if a larger design never materializes, the smaller finger design is still useful.

How many have pages and pages of labyrinth drawings similar to the designs of pages from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?  I have plenty and when making a particular design for a specific reason, you can bet there are many crumpled pages too.

ceramic heart labyrinth

I’ve made a few of my own design drawings of the
Heart Labyrinth and haven’t done it for awhile
and so in my doodles and attempts  I ended up
with a  few designs.

On the Harmony Labyrinth website  there are several depictions of the heart labyrinth for example. I didn’t see any of the designs that I created and all those listed were just different enough to realize how many different ways one can create a heart shaped labyrinth.

I had a whole list of things to do this morning and some of them weren’t on my “favorites” list though compelling reasons for them to be accomplished were enough to add them. I like to find ways to enjoy doing things or at least make them more meaningful, so for today I drew out a heart shaped labyrinth and then put the things to do on each path…at least I will have created a heart consciousness about all I have on my list to do.

Who knows, maybe I will have a better story to tell and a happier experience in all just because I put it in my heart and not just on a list.

I’m just saying…




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