Doing It With Heart

Oh the creativity that comes over a labyrinthic soul!

Does Your To Do List Have Heart?

Does Your To Do List Have Heart?

Today I had a lot of things to do and would I, could I or even for that matter should I do it all?  Being the master of fun, I thought I might like to combine a few ways to do things and then whatever path I walked might just possibly be lighter in load and inspiring because I was curious enough to find someway better.

I created a To Do List Labyrinth with heart. After all if your heart’s not in what you do, then what is the point? Having mentioned this in an earlier post, it became a relevant helpful tool in this day.

I also like how it logically arrived with all the necessary things to do first on the outside that led to the possibilities on the inside. It’s not a bad idea I am discovering to have a reflective walk over all at the end of the day. It tells me when it’s all said in done, how I said it and how I did it. Reminds me in all that it is just one foot in front of the other.

Would it not be revealing to see your day unveiled for the transformation from the To Do to the To Done… when accomplished that just feels like TA DA!

Step lightly and carry a small list,


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