Those Dog Gone Labyrinths

Dog Labyirnth

A Bondafide Walk with Heart

In keeping with the spirit of the heart and the love of the labyrinth, I happened across a dog today on my walk.  As I came around a contemplative corner of my walk, onto the scene bounded a Labrador Retriever full of playfulness. Leave it to a dog to be mindful of what is necessary in this life.

He bounced around literally, maneuvered his way along the path as if he was actually following it and just when I began to think so, off he would romp across the paths to have a sniff in the center.

Along came the owner shortly after with a bit of frenzy in finding the dog and worry that he was a disruption. Sometimes we do need a bit of disruption as it helps us to see the path we are actually on. Today had no particular purpose, it was more of an ambling of curiosity to see what would show up…and what love to find a dog!

Dogs are those happy little tail wagging messengers in our day reminding us to play, take a walk once in awhile, and when you are done picking that bone…bury it deep and let go of it. They are life companions that speak to our soul and uplift our hearts with levity and loyalty.  In the eyes of a Dog…you are God and isn’t that a happy little reflection of language…DOG – GOD.

I did my heart exercise today in playing with this dog on the labyrinth in a physical way and in a heart happy emotional exercise as well. The natural world of animals can find an easy way into an open heart and really leave pause for reflection… in this case paws.  When the owner finally found us and all was said and done, she joined us realizing that the dog found its way with ease, made the course corrections that were natural and really never got lost. This of course was to me was no simple message and no simple Labrador  this was a Labyrdog... and it was chocolate!

The gifts of heart are everywhere when you look for them.

I’m glad I looked,


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