The Heartbeat of the Labyrinth

The focus of the heart continues…

Heart Labyrinth

The Heart Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch

Everyone has a unique appreciation of the labyrinth and a version of the story to tell. As we walk in this year, with this focus on this day, the heart will guide us. Listening to the heartbeat of the labyrinth is much like stilling ourselves to hear our own heart and purpose.

What is the pulse, pace or purpose of the flow within and how, why or where will we come into alignment with it? The labyrinth offers us diverse opportunities to listen.

Today I came across the Heart Labyrinth of the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.We featured an image of it in our Monthly Newsletter for February’s Heart Focus.


John Phillip Newell directs a short video that captures the spirit of the Heart Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch in image and shares a timely message about listening. Listening to the Heartbeat of the Labyrinth.

May we all be reminded to listen with spirit,




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