Heart Dance

Dance of the Heart

Dance of the Heart

This month’s heart focus of the labyrinth has proven interesting in finding the many ways that the world creates, utilizes and perceives the labyrinth and how they accept or adopt it into purpose…and with heart too!

I’ve run into “heart of the labyrinth” songs, artwork, poetry, writing and games all  either in physical manifestation or metaphorically and one is more fascinating than the next. It  seems that those paths are formidable when directing us or unraveling a myth and we all just have a unique way of deciphering it.

This labyrinth design is a depiction of a dance performance that embodies the relationship and spirit of the dance between man and woman. One might see the movement and elements of balance found in the labyrinth as the duality of  our feminine and masculine  nature.

Performed at the center for contemporary art in Australia by choreographer Sarah Collins.

Today will be the opportunity to take a look at the most unique  and heartfelt artistic aspects that appear on the path today.

May your journey be vital and visually stimulating,


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