A Heart of Stone

The Heart of Stone

The Heart of Stone

Lea Goode-Harris designed this appealing heart of stone for a private individual. It can be found on the Santa Rosa Labyrinth website.

It has a nice element of color in the stone and a variety of small features that add a sense of flourish or heart in the creation of this design with heart.

From the inner heart to the shape of the heart encircling it,  this backyard design gives the individual an opportunity to seek the heart of the matter daily if they so choose. When we have the visual clues around us we are more likely to use them and perhaps the fortunate purpose this was created will have the feeling of heart in mind whenever it is used. We know as well that any design with Goode in mind is a design of the heart.  Beyond irony, the idea of having a heart of stone can really be one that is heartfelt.

May our ironies and of heart all be so Goode,


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