Two Lips and One Heart

Did you know that today is the birthday of  Charles de L’Ecluse who was born in 1526 and passed in 1609. What is significant about Charles is that we was a botanist and from his interests  introduced the tulip to Holland.

By this image you will understand the natural connection in today’s selection of where the heart is in labyrinths.

This is a 3D rendering of the Heart of Tulip Labyrinth and so far only set in imagery, though in the imaginative eye, one can see this as the height of simplicity as a very subtle and intriguing statement about labyrinths. Some how with florists and horticulturists, they always manage to coax the blooms, though for many of us, I bet you were thinking about that odd tulip that might not come up.  A few extra plantings elsewhere, an easy transplant and voila…

May the flowers of your heart bloom with possibilities today on your walk,


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2 thoughts on “Two Lips and One Heart

  1. Beautiful labyrinth. We appreciate all your inspiring thoughts and images. I had a 3 circuit daffodil labyrinth that all the neighbors loved. When the bulbs were done blooming I would replant it with impatients. It was on the parkway so that all the cars, walkers, and joggers who came by could enjoy it. Once, when I showed an image of it in the D R Congo, someone asked, “How do you keep walkers safe from snakes?” I learned that contextualization is very important!!! There is a small photo of the impatient version of the labyrinth (Neighborhood blessing labyrinth) at

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