Listening with the hEARt

Appreciating the fine art of communication is more about listening than anything else. In the heart we will find an ear, it’s even anchored into the spelling…H EAR T!

Lo Sheng Sanatorium in Taiwan

When we listen with the heart we are hearing those wonderful communiques that are calling for our attention. We can skip past the tangled emotion and hear the clarity with depth.

It makes it then equally important  to walk with our ears open in the labyrinth equally as much as we concentrate on the heart, as the subtle sounds and even the silence have much to tell us. We’ve all heard the call of something when in the labyrinth, it is why we continue to walk it.  It is as if we are listening with more of the body and heightening our sensory perceptibility.

Inner Ear Labyrinth

After all, within the network of our body’s auditory structure is the cochlea which has a spiral on one end and semicircular canals at the other. It is a natural labyrinth, as are many of our other bodily structures. Perhaps it is a message of importance in reminding us how to ingest more of what we hear that comes from a truth or at the heart of the matter.

We hear at least 16,000 words a day on average for most of us, though chattier folks can get out about 47,000 words and I believe that is about a word every second for twelve hours. In all that, we hear a lot, filter a lot and absorb a lot. We take in a lot of information, though what do we actually listen to?  I often think that listening with more of the body, we also feel it too and in the combination we sort through to what is oriented as truth and what holds value. A walk on the labyrinth can yield a way to listen more deeply and at the same time sort through it all.

The Open Heart Labyrinth Design by Carol Posch Comstock

I was doodling again with a labyrinth where the borders were outlined with ears. Though in looking at it, thought it might be too odd in walking as it somehow doesn’t bring the peaceful image to mind.  I imagined that with so many ears listening, one might feel obligated to communicate or cognitively mull over thoughts instead of releasing the thoughts to listen deeper. Rather it might be more serviceable as a gentle reminder to listen by having it in the center where there might be more of a feeling of being listened to. Why reinvent the wheel? I found an image that spoke to this idea as well. It looks like a heart in the center, though when tipped…the heart is an outline of the ear… very clever!

One of our own labyrinth enthusiasts created this design, Carol Posch Comstock, in durable corian as a  finger labyrinth or pendant. website

May we enjoy the sounds of the heart today magnified by the steps of purpose we create… and as this image suggests, if you don’t hear it at first, gently tip it a little to change perspective and then let go and listen.

Hearing Heartbeats,


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