A Sweet Heart Walk

We often think of life as labyrinth enthusiasts through the steps we walk, though this sweet design reminds us too that as we take in life, it is also bite by bite and that in being grateful for the pieces that lead us to the whole, we come into that experience more full and rich in who we are and with greater comprehension.

A SweetHeart Labyrinth

This is a busy day and age, where things seem to move at a hurried pace and gives us impression that we are obligated to speed and accomplishment. The truth is that we get results everyday it seems from everything we do  or don’t do, results appear. All this hurry leads to the giant leaps and shortcuts and while this can be helpful in plenty of circumstances, it doesn’t have to be the way of life.  In coaching individuals I often find that the action of leaping and shortcutting often is not a savings because there is something somewhere else that takes them longer to do, so in the long run it isn’t a very efficient practice. To save the world from skimmed knowledge, the labyrinth exists.  In an unassuming way we are reminded about this sweet labyrinth design today, slow down… have a cookie and all the right steps will be created. Take it bite by bite, savor the flavor and be satisfied with what you are left with by the time you reach the heart of it.  In gratitude for cookies, labyrinths and the bites of life that are delicious,Lynda

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