Line and Design with Heart in Mind

Heart Lines

Lines, Designs and Creativity seem to be a natural order of the labyrinth. I recall as many will too the pages and pages of labyrinth design that was created that surely resembled a scene from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where the obsession of the images showed up in stacks and stacks of repeated drawings.

Luckily I am not that obsessed but do like to let the pen carry me away from time to time and what it returns is sometimes unusual or unique and once in awhile it has value.

Call them heart lines because they surely connect your heart with what is being created and as the labyrinth yields gracefully to our curiosity  we can be assured that it leaves us the opportunity to contribute with our imaginations.

I like to think of the lines that we create as ones of “labyirnthatude”, where it tells us the proximity of greatness intersected with possibility.

This is where I  draw the line,



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