The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

Today was a day to simply flow back and forth and in curious search of the small steps forward, there was a meandering tone to it all. A labyrinth doesn’t have to be about elaborate crossroads and conversions, sometimes it is just a flowing pathway that winds and unwinds at the same time.

We are reminded in a meander of the medicine of the snake and a reflection that this in this year of the snake, we may have more opportunities to simply wind our way through things. Done with heart it has an effect like the tides of water…ebb and flow.

I found myself doodling as I was writing and thinking of a few things and I soon realized I had made a serpentine line running down the page and hearts on the other side of the page and with a wondering soul I ended up winding around the hearts and soon realized I had a nice little reminder of what it is to walk with heart…hearts in this case.

I can see this image in the ground with a swell of nature along the paths encircling the hearts. It is the mindlessness nature we seek that brought about this heart walk today…

What’s your heart intention for today?

Have Heart,


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One thought on “The Meandering Heart

  1. Jill Geoffrion

    The link button didn’t work so I’ll try this. Your reference to the year of the snake reminded me of the Burmese labyrinth pythons found here in Myanmar. They are called that because of the “maze-like” patterns on their skin. Blessings, Jill

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