Bed, Breakfast and the Heart of a Labyrinth

Heart Labyrinth at the Sedona Cathedral Highway Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast locations lend themselves to the labyrinth as they are generally cozy places that are cared for by individuals who like people and understand the nature of the labyrinth as a place to unwind, restore and refresh themselves.

This beautiful labyrinth is an opportunity waiting for any of us to happen to it.  The heart shaped labyrinth is set at the Sedona Cathedral Highway Bed and Breakfast. It is nestled away for privacy and set against the red clay of the Arizona landscape adds an enriching invitation to all who wish to wander.

It is said that all who wander are not lost and we all certainly fit that category quite well.

In this month of “discovery of the heart”, this blog hopes to open us some simple ideas for walking with heart and being of heart in the journey of this month.  I love to be curious about what is round the next corner and so the labyrinth with its many daily opportunities fits quite well in being a serviceable instrument. When I add intention such as finding heart in the many moments of the day it creates a whole new perspective on the day and the month, which I am sure will find its way to inspiring the year as well.

Though I also love choice and as we inspire our inward journey, this exploration of  how the heart is shaped in and of  the labyrinth, it is marvelous to find the creative souls who have put it to use in interesting ways. It shows just how unique we all are.

In the love of labyrinths however, we are all the same.

all for one and one for all,


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