Balancing the Heart with Art

This caught my eye as it is designed with a feminine presence in mind. It also shares a message of balance and when combining the two, we can remember that when the feminine is in balance it  is a benefit to the world.

It brings to mind the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  Having lived it as mother and child, from my perspective it is so true.

This design is actually an artistic expression with a therapeutic use. How interesting the designs with specific uses in mind!

Of course this is from my perspective, though I see the arms uplifting wide in expression balancing with intention to uplift the world in embrace, while declaring a positive femininity with its bold red color. It is the soft shape of the lines being somewhat irregular and human and the curvature that molds the internal to the external and vice versa that intrigues.

Expression, intention and a call for contribution come to mind with this design, it does remind me that there are expressions each of these labyrinths make. Beyond the heart focus is the dialogue of the creator who molded and shaped it and I believe with heart.  That is a focus to walk with, the heart of the inventor.

Enjoying the creative soul on this last day of February. May the walks of heart we’ve enjoyed together pump up more pleasurable possibilities into this day and this remainder of our year.

In Bliss,


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