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It’s all in the Reflection

We have three suggestions in the labyrinth and we know there is equal merit in the release as there is in receiving and between the two, once we have removed ourselves enough to simply be in concert, it is often the reflection that gives us the perspective of the answer.

Mirror Labyrinth

Jeppe Hein Mirror Labyrinth, London

In this last day of moving differently, not that I will ever stop now, enjoy this labyrinth of mirrors by Jeppe Hein. It is located in Chiswick Park in London.

This first image has a wall of interspersed mirro modules positioned in a circular fashion with more spiraling into the center for labyrinth effect. Though once inside there are many reflections and it is said that one is often wondering which reflection is the true one. What a great way to find the way through myth.

Hein Mirror Labyrinth

A different perspective on the Mirror Labyirnth

Hein creates “Frieze Art” which he uses to design illusion in the everyday. For an individual who would like to separate fact from fiction on the labyrinth, this may be an ultimate in design to do so.

This is a different season and a different angle to see more of the labyrinth style found in Hein’s Mirror Labyrinth.

This labyrinth either reminds me of the deceptive smoke and mirrors or the fun house, which ever attitude you take along in this location of mirrors, it is surely what will make the difference in the outcome.

May the last of the month reflect the days gone by as healthy and helpful for all.

On a different perspective that is more than likely all the same,


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Creating a Paper Trail

Paper labyirnth

Going Green in a sea of paper labyrinths

As we wade our way to the end of this excellent month, we are often reminded of the fact that the job isn’t done until all the paper work is in.

We can also be mindful of just how much paperwork there is and how much is really necessary… go green.

This may be similar to the corrugated labyrinth early in this month, though today is about finding a simplicity and discovering a more global mindedness in what we do.

Are we being a contribution or a part of the problem? It is good to ask ourselves the deep questions to keep us on the path of where we want to go.

I am letting this labyrinth be a reminder for me to stake stock in what I have created this month, take a look at the carbon footprint I have left and make sure I have left a bit of legacy in someone important’s life.

It reminds me that even if it is the end of the month, there is still time to declutter my mind or my space or that of the environment around me. It tells me to go to the basics and relish the word simplify and to not get lost in the maze of someone else’s paperwork. If I intend to leave a paper trail, make it something enjoyable to utilize.

Now that is something I can get behind to get ahead…walk on my friends!

Going Lightly,


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A Glass Half Full…

Today’s adventure of walking differently asks how we see the labyrinth as a glass half full or empty?

In this image of the Minor Maze from the Imperial Library, it won’t matter much as one can start at either end and then flip as they traverse the opposite hemisphere.

It is an illustration in a mythical and magical story depicting the quest of one who seeks something hidden inside. It instructs the individual to conjure not but be conjured instead.
Isn’t that the way with labyrinths?

Even in the mythical stories that are still being created, the labyrinth explains itself and finds a way to be part of a larger story.  This story further reads that alteration is destruction and illusion is the way to restoration and in some aspects this can be true, though with its interesting construction it can also be adjusted to find more meaning in seeing both sides.

Curiously wondering how many have ever walked backwards through a labyrinth just to see the other side of things?  What an opportunity for today!

Curiously creating,

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If the Shoe Fits…

It’s been a long time since I have had the need to go shoe shopping. My daughters and ladies everywhere might be alarmed at this confession, though for me shopping may well be much like this image and I think depicted rightly so.

Somewhere there is a study that says that women who enter a shoe store will automatically turn right after they have entered. For those who enjoy the right handed labyrinth this would hold true. The study did not say what men do, though they are by far not the avid shoppers that women are.

We are coming into the final days of moving differently on the labyrinth for March and when I saw this image, well… it just sort of said what I was thinking. Sometimes it’s about the journey and how you look when you arrive.

This design is from the Stuart Weitzman store in Rome, Italy. It is described as one big bow sumptuously wrapping up a gift of shoes for the soul, or at least that is my interpretation. If the soles on our path are filled with soul, then each step is indeed a gift. However, my first interpretation of this store was that it was labyrinthic in nature as it had the long woven strands that created turns and meandered through the store. What a marvelous truth for shoe display.

In all the steps we take in all of our days, if the shoe fits then the steps are joyful and purposeful and when they don’t it is a clear message that we are indeed on the wrong path.

Whimsically walking,


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Location, Location, Location

In the state of Minnesota there is a town called Northfield
…and in the town of Northfield there is an educational institution.
…and in that educational institution (Carleton College), there is an island called “Stewsie”.
…and on that island called “Stewsie” is a labyrinth!

Just south of Minneapolis in Minnesota is the home of this labyrinth and while it is on an island, it is not that remote from the college. Though it is remote enough and located on the smaller of the two islands that sit on Lyman Lake and divide the campus. It is thought of as a spiritual meditation at Carleton College and to journey out to it is a destination.

Sometimes in our quest of moving differently it may very well be the journey to the labyrinth that is the true labyrinth itself and the seat of learning.

Imagine standing on that labyrinth on that island and think how you might move differently as there are no walls, no obstructions, just you on a small parcel of land open on all sides allowing for a freedom, a vulnerability or both. Somehow the untethered soul is calling to walk.

Wishing you the freedom and vast open explorations,


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Stories that Move us…

We have all heard a story that moved us at one time or another, though had we even thought about how the story can be embedded into the labyrinth? Yes many creators of labyrinth designs have a story to tell in their labyrinth, though I wonder how many specific points may be attributed to a part of the story or a way to lead one through in reflection.

I have had the chance to lead many workshops and walks that incorporated the telling of a story as I am sure is true of many of you. Sometimes we lay down aspects of the story to create it on the labyrinth or as in one case, I had a group painting and adding imagery to a canvas drop cloth creating it as we told the story.

The Abingdon LabyrinthThis is the story of Mary being assumed into heaven, Assumpta est Maria ad Caelestia, Alleluia!

It is found in the 11th century book of Boethius found at the Abingdon Abbey near Oxford in England. Illustrations like this were found in old texts to tell a story or navigate a point of view.

In this design one can either walk the paths of the story or concentrate on the circles. Each relates a different perspective of the story, depending upon the one selected to walk it gives latitude and scope to what was known in the 11th century when it was written about the story that happened quite some time earlier.

So for today, as I head out to the walk I have a story in mind to tell and note that there is the aspect of telling it as I enter and listening to what it was really all about as I leave.

Storytelling is magical,


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The Tool of Analysis

I use the labyrinth as a tool in my work in a variety of ways. My purpose is to be of service in guiding individuals with external motivations to internal inspirations. Whether it is one on one coaching or a group, a presentation, workshop or retreat, the labyrinth can find its way into any of the above in a variety of ways.

Virtruvian LabyrinthSometimes it is a tool that helps to move a point forward and other times it can be a great assessment for a beginning or ending point. It is the gentle appreciation that helps it become a simple tool of guidance and only a fine line from where it can provide “analysis paralysis” when the arrangement goes from service to directing. Therefore, I find it also a gentle reminder in all.

In this image of the Virtruvian Labyrinth, Scott Grossman creates an adventure for individuals with many points of perspective so that individuals can assess where they are and what is useful in stepping ahead.

I have heard many great stories of professional use in where the labyrinth became a helpful item when either looking for a root or for a solution.  Today it told me of a beginning and an ending and I am often so amused by the way it turns out.  It is the original ask…and receive! May it all be as amusing to find that the answer is generally found right next to a problem. Analyze well!

Stepping into solutions,


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Absorbing the Labyrinth

Hopefully all these ways that I am finding our of value to all of you. In the spirit of moving differently we are also moved differently in cognitive and socio emotional and spiritual ways too. How we are moved in the end might have something to do with how we also moved differently. The story of Insanity is to do the same thing repetitively and expect a different outcome.

The interesting things that are found when moving in different ways are as vast and varied as our minds would care to conceive as it can be something very small and seeming insignificant, or something life changing… it is all about looking for it.

AmazeME labyrinth

The AmazeMe Labyrinth

I came across this image online where the “AmaZeME” Labyrinth was created in a New York Library. Where the term labyrinth is often used loosely in literature to describe a maze or some kind of endless loops of confusion, the truth is that on every journey there is an education and something to absorb.

Imagine the volumes of books, periodicals and media substance that went into the piles and piles of material used to create it. Then imagine being able to simply open to received the variety of materials as you made your way along the path.

The labyrinth affords us that opportunity everyday. Just being open and ready to allow the walk to upload into our existence we can be that much more aware of the very nuances of the simple acts of nature, threads of purpose or what is drawn to the path. Simply using the word “absorb” we suggest a simple idea to draw into and deepen the meaning…at least for today.

I absorbed and it was the wind that I noticed. Mostly because it was subtle and light. It was the gentle exchange between movement and non movement throughout. At one point I simply stopped and listened and in the listening I let go and allowed the wind to direct me noting where on my body it directed and the course it plotted. It meant I didn’t walk all the paths and instead charted a new one. It made all the difference in my day and was a strong message for me about something that felt forced.

A deep breath with ahhhh – ha at the end,


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A Different Pace

The Turtle Labyrinth 

On the labyrinth no one seems to be in that much of a hurry. We may begin that way of course, though I have always noticed the pace changes throughout. Those in a hurry, slow down and take stock in what they are doing.

Children speed up and enjoy the adventure and then stop and slow to find themselves only to pick up speed and take off again as it is in the nature of children to do when left to their own devices.
This labyrinth design comes from the
Fox Glove Bed and Breakfast in Oregon

In our last part of the month of moving differently, looking at pace is a great way to take a look at the walk, if indeed it requires any looking at all. The idea of noting our pace is just another insight we can observe about our human nature, present path and if we are in step with the world around us. Neither good nor bad, just a notice.

What would happen if we slowed down, sped up or created variance in our speed?  Today for me, rabbits showed up so the pace was interesting as was the factor of multiplication…first there was one and then there was two.

Hopping along,


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Speaking of Curiousity

The Curious Labyrinth, Disneyland ParisI happen to have come across Alice’s Curious Labyrinth online. It is set in Paris at the Disneyland location.

At first I thought it a simple commercialization and then thinking differently as this month has called us to do along with our walking differently, I realized that if this indeed were a labyrinth, it might be a safe way to introduce children and their parents to the labyrinth.

Alice's Curious LabyrinthWhat I have learned in “game work”, yes I play games too, is that when children feel safe, they are more willing to take healthy risks involved in learning and become much more curious which is the gateway to learning.

It may be that something we all love has been trellised up with all things Disney, though if it promotes a memory where there has been none before, why not? Virginia Tooper a pillar in Education says, “If we can get them laughing, we can slip in a little education and information”. The same would hold true when you can capture anyone’s attention and with the labyrinth, we all know there is no right or wrong way to walk it. Spirituality isn’t necessarily quiet, otherwise how do we explain song, hymn and testimony?

I take risks all the time, it is where the solutions are found and possibility exists, playing it safe and doing the expected really puts us in the box that we are wanting to break free of.

In the “soft eye” of the labyrinth world, this is our opportunity to think like a child in creating a labyrinth that is all about the idea of playfulness, singing, dancing and laughing. I have found a great many adults might like something like it too.

At first glance it would appear this is a maze and it has all the familiar elements of Alice in Wonderland. I can imagine that a child would have a great time running and investigating what is around each corner as I have seen children on the labyrinth play. They really don’t need all the fuss and extras, just the simple pattern to make things fun, though there are others that it makes all the difference for and creates a safer environment for.

Mostly I can imagine how fun and playful it would be to construct a labyrinth with kids including their favorite things and letting them explore. I have one canvas design that I allow anyone to share thoughts and doodlings on. Soon it may be full of the words of walkers. Some of them are from children and one child who could not write, simply drew lines and squiggles, it is all relative. In the body of this labyrinth is the message of this child and in his squiggles he reminds us all about what is important.

Today I shall allow the heart of the child in myself to enjoy the labyrinth (of course I do this a lot), I am sure I will have all kinds of great ideas pop up as a result, becoming childlike inspires curiosity and for me that often spells creativity.

Seize the Play.


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