Welcome to March with Movement

Welcome A New Month!

March is curious with weather, change and new beginnings. It is movement that causes this to occur, somewhere in time things are occurring even if it all seems quiet still… something is moving.

In the movement there is opportunity and I believe that is what this month creates… a chance to move differently to see things differently and if that be a fitting focus… embrace and enjoy!

DeSoto Labyrinth Sculpture at UTSA

Speaking of unique, there are so many of us and so many more artisans, builders and enthusiasts of the labyrinth that have the very inspiring ability to take the patterns of the labyrinth and create a truly significant experience out of it. As it is our focus for the month to move differently we will of course shift perspective and what better way to create an interesting viewpoint than this inspiring labyrinth at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Artist Lewis De Soto suspended a metal labyrinth at the Thomas Rivera Center for Student Success.

One can walk the shadow side that comes through the rays of the sun or even lay on the ground at night and walk with the stars through the suspended structure. Talk about moving differently!

Read more about the instillation and the Labyrinth Gateway

I have enjoyed putting a cutout against the window in the daylight to have the image of the labyrinth reflected upon the floor and depending upon the time of day, it can yield some interesting experiences of the walk. I am only glad to be reminded of it by this picture and this month’s opportunity!

Do comment and share your unique and different ways of walking or discovery throughout the month as that is the purpose of this sharing…a labyrinthic collaborative!

Oh…to be different and unique…and find our similarities,



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