Where we put them…

Tony Christie in Ireland

Our choice of location can make all the difference in what the labyrinth tells us.

Not only is this one designed on the beach, it is on an Irish beach. Labyrinths find there way into some interesting places and all with a well meaning purpose.

Ours is the chance to take a daily walk, notice, reflect and perhaps to glean some special information. Some of us may walk on a different labyrinth every day, some keep their steps on the same one and others create a variety of ways. It speaks to our purpose and passion as there is no real right or wrong way to labyrinth, just what serves and where it serves as is of note in our conversation of this day.

Our what and how dictate our where and in that small note, perhaps today may have reflections of “where” we  have found labyrinth purpose in the scope of our lives.  It’s a thought about more than the external locations as well as the internal experiences from those walks. Where we are touched and how we put the experience to task.

Today I was touched by this thought of moving differently realizing that an internal labyrinth of thought and action were playing out for me and in stepping back for perspective I could see the movement between thought, feeling and action responding with purpose and moving back and forth cycling from body to mind to soul, then mind to body, soul to mind until I realized I had an internal labyrinth running the show today…

It’s good to note where you put them and where they simply just appear from a habitual tred.

Internalizing joyfully,


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