March Forth…

Marching forth at Chartres Cathedral

Today, being March the 4th, the message is loud and clear as if almost a glad message to remind the idea of moving differently this month on the labyrinth.

May we March forth and recall our humble beginnings today. That first introduction to the labyrinth and reflect a bit on where we are now.

How long ago did we hear about the Chartres cathedral labyrinth and even if we have not visited, we are somehow a part of it in spirit.

From those beginnings, where have we taken our interest, curiosity and emergent ideologies about the labyrinth? How did we move through it all to come to our understanding today and where oh where are we headed tomorrow?

March forth on this fourth and with a determined step and a curious heart…perhaps what we uncover is a purposeful direction of great meaning or a simple subtle message. In what unfolds, it is always ours to enjoy and employ.

My walk today had a March of Monday Movement and as one of my missions is to make Monday a Funday instead of the dreaded obligation… Monday movement in a different way has a whole lot of meaning.

Marching  forth together,


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