Designed Differently

Butterfly Labyrinth

This labyrinth was designed by William Frost and his designs take the purpose in mind. I might imagine that on this particular design of the butterfly there would be a bit of whimsy and light hearted laughter joining in.

As you can see it is filled with children who do what children naturally do, flit about and make a game or fun with it. I love when a labyrinth has the benefit of children as the truth they create adds a happy dimension to the walk others can enjoy later, even without any knowledge of what went on before.

We have many traditional designs and in each if we look closely, there is something about everyone that has a mark of a special quality about it from the designer. Truly some are designed with a specific purpose in mind and the design may be what reflects it. I’ve been to many personal labyrinths where the designer or caretaker has added something significant that might be very noticeable and intentional and for others, a simple message tucked into the design.

As our month is about moving differently, if we walked in curiosity and discovery minded about what it is that stands out in the specific labyrinth you are on today, we will have enjoyed a new way to look along with our walk of curious exploration.

I find being curious, there’s not much room for the furious and the over serious. It keeps the mind and body moving and creative.

Cultivating Curiosity,


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