Movement, Meanders and Massage

Kristen’s Tattoo

I came upon this story of a young art student who had lost an instructor to cancer. A tattoo was designed for her by a fellow colleague who wanted to pay tribute to her creations, caring and ability to carry on throughout all.

It is an impressive design and what caught me was the movement and the non movement of the objects included. In reading more of the purpose the idea was indeed to incorporate the movement that indicated the progress and struggles around the stationary poppies and stability of the labyrinth.

Aside from its artistic appeal and purpose, imagine the draw for left finger. I can conceive of it finding its way across the front of the body moving in what may seem a doodling attempt to the upper right arm finding its way along the path of the labyrinth imprinted there. In that gesture there is the embrace of a “hug like” impression for the body to enjoy without a whole lot of thought going on…a simple comfort enjoyed with just a simple small movement employed.

More to the story

I had not thought of placing a labyrinth on my body for therapeutic reasons though this story and the design as part of “art therapy” struck me that this would be a wonderful way to concentrate wellness with a simple cloth labyrinth, or even a small finger device placed on my leg while finger walking and massaging at the same time.  I love the explorations the labyrinth provides!

Getting  a leg up on labyrinths,


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