Perhaps it is our Intention…

Grace Cathedral a Labyrinth in service

Our Intention has a lot to do with how our walk comes out or beyond the walk, how it is used entirely. Why we create them and what we use them for moves us differently through them.

The Indoor labyrinth at Grace Cathedral is being used in ceremony in this image.

As we have mentioned the different designs for the different purposes, what about the many that have the same design though in services and purpose differently?

While I believe this photo to be that of a wedding service, there have also been baptismal services, uniting services, grief purposes, reconciliation, retirement, and a host of life situations that have come to the labyrinth in the spirit of group communication and gathering.

Each walk in gathering or group takes on a meaning of its intention and whether we walk alone in our daily excursion or join with others, when intention begins the walk, what follows is our direct results… even when we don’t see them at first.

Even with no intention… that result shows up too!

Intentionally open,


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