Moving Our Senses

The Lavender Labyrinth of Germany

In this month of movement we have shared the idea of moving our selves differently and most might think it has to do with moving our body in the way we walk. Yes and…. we can move our mind in thought and the soul in purpose too.

Today on this 8th day of Marching and moving, enjoy a movement of sensory perception with this lavender labyrinth from Kastellun, Germany. It was created in 2005.

Imagine moving through this with an open olfactory equation and we might move a whole lot more. Lavender is a healing and fragrant essential oil used for a variety of purposes, though there would be no mistaking its aromatic properties were we to have the opportunity to walk among it in labyrinth. Imagine the trans versing paths of the brain stimulated with this higher olfactory quotient… what a walk and what movement for body and brain.

Last April this labyrinth was replanted with an apple tree in the center, inspired by Martin Luther’s quote… “If I knew that tomorrow the world would go, I would plant an apple tree.”
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An excellent message about movement… move or get stuck, we are a flowing universe with flowing systems at work in our bodies. The clog and clutter that fill our days and ways need not bind us in our path.

May we all take a deep breath of the lightness of the lavender and enjoy the flow of breath in the body, with each step an inhale and a purposeful exhale.

Ahhhhhhh ha…moving with sense,


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