Equestrian Labyrinths

We would be remiss in speaking about moving differently on the labyrinths if we did not consider the uses to create more movement with horses.

Equestrian Labyrinths

Cordelia Rose of Whitewater Labyrinths in New Mexico shared the horse labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana at the Annual Gathering in 2010 demonstrating with riders from a local Posey County saddle club, the timing in synchronicity in training that can be employed by the equestrian for sport, healing and pleasure.  The team made amazing turns and shifts at rapid speeds traversing the labyrinth in synchronized fashion with other horses and riders.
Watch for Yourself

Cordelia shared how a horse who may have grown skittish on the trails could relax and relearn movement by using the labyrinth. Where some labyrinths designed for equestrian feats are wider in the pathway, hers is not and both horse and rider learn to navigate the narrow paths in a way that serves a horse that climbs the steep hills and valleys of the New Mexican terrain.

I have seen dog trainers use small labyrinths and maze patterns as well when training canine units. Retraining movement therapeutically or simply behaviorally, the labyrinth is a useful technique and tool to use.

May your walk today be full of purposeful tools and techniques,




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