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Corrugated Meander

In the spirit of moving differently, try this corrugated pathway to nowhere and everywhere.

Imagine paving your own way today traversing the walk to find your way not only along a path and creating it at the same time… what an adventure of the soul.

Putting all seriousness away… enjoy the playful nature and explore where it takes you. Not many of us have the abundance of corrugated material at the ready, though I bet there are plenty of other materials that may display themselves if we give the opportunity a chance to present itself.

I have designed labyrinths with children in chocolate pudding for example… a fun way to explore.  Let your inner child soar and oh what will we explore.  On that note… today is called Mario day. If at first you don’t see it… MARIO or MAR. IO…March 10th! Beyond childish…there is child like, wide open, wondering and wandering.

From the mind of the childlike…Seize the Play,


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