Gaining Perspective

In the eye of the beholder

There are days I am so amused by life, and today just happens to be one among the many!

I saw this image and thought….what will they think of next. I am sure you are looking at it about the same and probably are ready to click away wondering at the level of taste and audacity. Have heart… they are stickers, rolls of stickers!

I recall Lauren Artress words of “walk with soft eyes”, so lovingly and gently reminding us to find acceptance. If you have clicked off already, you have missed the opportunity and if you have stayed it is all about the opportunity.

I’ve been doing some work of late that has been opening the door to shifting perspective just a small degree and what a huge difference it does make. I assist with life perspective in my daily work and in coming upon this concept of very minor shifts I have changed a lot of what and how I do what I do gratefully.

Today isn’t so much about walking with the soft eyes, though always a great reminder, it is about taking a different perspective than what you first visualize. If we close our eyes I find we can see more, feel more and be more often. It is our habitual relationship with the seeing world that tends to diminish our other sensory faculties.

Today I walked the labyrinth blindfolded and sat for a while before I could feel the full presence of the labyrinth. At first it was a bit of a comedy act, though in a short time frame, I found myself becoming accustomed to where the path would end, turn and take a new direction. There is a subtle energy in this and soon I could feel where certain things began and ended.

A whole new way to experience the labyrinth, walk different and carry a big perspective,

Lynda in amusement

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