Shuffling Steps

Shuffle Labyrinth

Shuffle a Labyrinth in the Snow or Sand

The snow season is a wonderful time to enjoy a labyrinth. If you are so blessed to have snow that is of course, you have the chance to be creative on a large scale.

It is also a great experiment to see if your body recalls the design. Using your feet as the path simply shuffle along making the turns and the twists creating borders of snow between each foot shuffled path until you reach the center. Then walk back out on your new design.

The good news is that your canvas can be vast as the snow tends to fall liberally everywhere when it decides to come down. For those not lucky enough to have the snow, the sand of a beach or simply using dirt works too. Fresh soil in bare feet is a heavenly experience!

Enjoy walking a little differently and being the creator of your own path today.

on the road again,

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