When do you Labyrinth?

How many have a regular time of day to walk the labyrinth?  How many of us vary?

Is it time to labyrinth?

I used to enjoy walking the labyrinth in the evening as it was a sort of closure to my day, gave me time to journal and prepare for sleep in a happy and healthy manner. It was also a time when I knew I was least likely to be interrupted.

After a time I changed up when I would walk leaving the evening for reflection.  I found it helped when I became busy to simply create moments in the day that were all mine to stop and recharge, review or refresh. I could use it anyway and at any time I chose and I really liked having choice.

It wasn’t until I began hosting a daily call every single day at a specific time in support, resource and creativity that I truly cherished the opportunity to create my own walk in my own way and in my own manner of time. The call took some adjusting to do everyday at the same time and at first I was a bit unsure about making that kind of commitment, though in time and over the past few years, it has become a ritual and a routine I enjoy.

The randomness of the labyrinth still remains my daily opportunity and I still love having the choice. It is with reflection on the things I do every day, that I look upon the things like my call, a game I play and the labyrinth that I am happy to say our true choices I make that contribute to my day.

Walking everyday in my own way,



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