Deliver Me Shamrocks

Top of the Labyrinth and Blessings of the Day!
Being part Irish, I wish you a light hearted day of clovers.

ShamrockLabryinthI created this Shamrock Labyrinth for the special occasion of Irish Heritage, the luck of the day and a different way to walk.

Of course there is a choice in the walk of this three leafed labyrinth almost immediately and as I am a fan of choice, it is most suiting for a way to walk differently, our monthly theme.

Shamrocks are either of the three leaf variety symbolizing the trinity or of the four leaf version that many associate with luck, prosperity and the pot of gold lore. The name “Shamrock” comes from the Irish Seamrog meaning Little Clover. Did you know that Shamrocks can have a fifth leave, however it is rare to find them and extra lucky when you do. In Japan there was even one found with 18 petals!

Clover is found on every continent except for Antartica and has even been to the moon, carried there by several astronauts. talk about Lucky Charms!

FourLeafLabyrinthNo matter which path you take, one of the Christian trinity or the Druid four corners, both have the happy lore of being lucky. May luck be your legend and life be prosperous!

I also created a labyrinth for the four leaf clover variety and in this may there be even more choice.

Wishing you the best of both worlds and the very merry luck of the Irish blessings. The four leaves of the Trifolium Repens, the authentic four leaf clover that stems from the white clover gives us four blessings… that of Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

May you step into each on your journey today with perhaps a little shenanigans.

Blessings from and to the Irish in all of us,


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