Monday Morning Labyrinthing

Mondays are Fundays on the Labyrinth

Mondays are Fundays on the Labyrinth
Joy from Nine Fine Ministers of Mirth

Some may know that I am in concert with laughter. I practice, present, coach, workshop, retreat and certify with it. I have learned much in my years as an instructor and humor being. It has reminded me to take life on the curious side as it relieves the oh so serious…. we were really meant to be joyful people.

I am not sure when we were born that our parents and loved ones wanted us to be so serious or stressed. It has it’s place, we as a human race just tend to overdo it. The picture depicts Ministers and clergy I had in a laughter training where we designed and shared a labyrinth for 911 at the community Hope Fest. It was a great way to embrace hope with a joyful look forward.

From all of this on joy, I send out a newsletter called the “Monday Funday” news each week to leaders and teachers I have trained. It is a way to keep a focus on the lighter side of life and one of my missions in life that is relevant to this post is to make Mondays…fundays!

Mondays tend to get a bad rap when compared with the revelry of Saturday and Sunday and represent our daily grind.  My message is to choose Monday as your start day.. the one that says I get to …. and fill in the blanks.

If we were to all jump start our Mondays with an attitude that creates a walk of gratitude in our latitude, we would surely have a greater week.  I personally use Monday as my Weekly planning day. It’s where I set some intentions and then get excited about how it all looks at completion and when I get on the path, it is the steps I am taking that are navigating and carrying my intention across the brain waves, through the heart ventricles and circumnavigating my footprints.

Just a different way to appreciate the walk and make your Mondays something more to look forward too.

It’s also International Mirth Month so I have a vested interest in seeing the lighter side emerge. Walk lightly on the path my friends… and let a little joy out. It feels good once in awhile, and especially on a Monday.

Make Merry on this Monday,


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