Yoga Labyrinth Movement

There are many forms of yoga and the sanskrit word for yoga simply means “union”.  It is the bringing together of things. The labyrinth is a device that creates many things, among them movement. Yoga creates a sense of movement where both realize the benefit of creating a flow.

Yoga may just be a different way to move on the labyrinth or to even practice the simplicity of yogic breathing which moves oxygen in the body more significantly with a simple intentional thought process and action.

There are many types of yoga practices that are designed to focus on specific awareness, though all tend to bring the individual into a higher vibrational quality of life.

This reminds us to perhaps breathe more intentionally, move our bodies with harmony and alignment or perhaps explore a movement that allows us to notice and balance more of ourselves.

I thought a morning yogic sunrise salutation on the labyrinth was just the right way to start my day and walk and it does make the body limber, the mind more focused and the spirit soar.

May today’s walk discover a union of purpose.


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