Welcome Spring

Celebrating the first day of the Equinox and the season of change. It is growth and new birth that comes at this time of year and we look forward to new beginnings, planting seeds to cultivate in the months ahead.

I am wondering what effect would turn up if just in walking today, we were all to leave a trail of seeds. They might be the flowering kind and of a more physical nature and then again perhaps it might be seeds of an idea, seeds of kindness or gratitude. If life is your garden, why not seed it with more of the things that create harmony and happiness for you and for those who are invited in.

Consider what anything needs to grow, even an idea….
First the thought, then a place to plant it. Next some rich material for it to grow in and then some cultivation and patience.

Today my walk was a bit like that, I entered with a seed of a thought. It took a few rounds and turns to find the right idea to embed it in and then it occurred… where the perfect support and resource might be! After all it was just a little idea and needed time and space to grow. I gathered ideas for what materials would be that might best support its growth in the center. LabyrinthSeeds

Opening physically I let all the considerations in and in the reflective walk recognized the growth that would come for me and the seed in how I cultivated it as well as the patience that would be required in doing so.

It is often said that we can garden our way through a problem into a solution by most likely doing the same thing, however the movement is quite interesting in its turns and repeated patterns, as if we are packing in a thought and then reinforcing it.

Whatever we choose to do on this first day of Spring, take in the celebration of this day and this season. How do you like my labyrinth seeds?

Blooming on the path,


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