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The Curious Labyrinth, Disneyland ParisI happen to have come across Alice’s Curious Labyrinth online. It is set in Paris at the Disneyland location.

At first I thought it a simple commercialization and then thinking differently as this month has called us to do along with our walking differently, I realized that if this indeed were a labyrinth, it might be a safe way to introduce children and their parents to the labyrinth.

Alice's Curious LabyrinthWhat I have learned in “game work”, yes I play games too, is that when children feel safe, they are more willing to take healthy risks involved in learning and become much more curious which is the gateway to learning.

It may be that something we all love has been trellised up with all things Disney, though if it promotes a memory where there has been none before, why not? Virginia Tooper a pillar in Education says, “If we can get them laughing, we can slip in a little education and information”. The same would hold true when you can capture anyone’s attention and with the labyrinth, we all know there is no right or wrong way to walk it. Spirituality isn’t necessarily quiet, otherwise how do we explain song, hymn and testimony?

I take risks all the time, it is where the solutions are found and possibility exists, playing it safe and doing the expected really puts us in the box that we are wanting to break free of.

In the “soft eye” of the labyrinth world, this is our opportunity to think like a child in creating a labyrinth that is all about the idea of playfulness, singing, dancing and laughing. I have found a great many adults might like something like it too.

At first glance it would appear this is a maze and it has all the familiar elements of Alice in Wonderland. I can imagine that a child would have a great time running and investigating what is around each corner as I have seen children on the labyrinth play. They really don’t need all the fuss and extras, just the simple pattern to make things fun, though there are others that it makes all the difference for and creates a safer environment for.

Mostly I can imagine how fun and playful it would be to construct a labyrinth with kids including their favorite things and letting them explore. I have one canvas design that I allow anyone to share thoughts and doodlings on. Soon it may be full of the words of walkers. Some of them are from children and one child who could not write, simply drew lines and squiggles, it is all relative. In the body of this labyrinth is the message of this child and in his squiggles he reminds us all about what is important.

Today I shall allow the heart of the child in myself to enjoy the labyrinth (of course I do this a lot), I am sure I will have all kinds of great ideas pop up as a result, becoming childlike inspires curiosity and for me that often spells creativity.

Seize the Play.


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