A Different Pace

The Turtle Labyrinth 

On the labyrinth no one seems to be in that much of a hurry. We may begin that way of course, though I have always noticed the pace changes throughout. Those in a hurry, slow down and take stock in what they are doing.

Children speed up and enjoy the adventure and then stop and slow to find themselves only to pick up speed and take off again as it is in the nature of children to do when left to their own devices.
This labyrinth design comes from the
Fox Glove Bed and Breakfast in Oregon

In our last part of the month of moving differently, looking at pace is a great way to take a look at the walk, if indeed it requires any looking at all. The idea of noting our pace is just another insight we can observe about our human nature, present path and if we are in step with the world around us. Neither good nor bad, just a notice.

What would happen if we slowed down, sped up or created variance in our speed?  Today for me, rabbits showed up so the pace was interesting as was the factor of multiplication…first there was one and then there was two.

Hopping along,


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