Absorbing the Labyrinth

Hopefully all these ways that I am finding our of value to all of you. In the spirit of moving differently we are also moved differently in cognitive and socio emotional and spiritual ways too. How we are moved in the end might have something to do with how we also moved differently. The story of Insanity is to do the same thing repetitively and expect a different outcome.

The interesting things that are found when moving in different ways are as vast and varied as our minds would care to conceive as it can be something very small and seeming insignificant, or something life changing… it is all about looking for it.

AmazeME labyrinth

The AmazeMe Labyrinth

I came across this image online where the “AmaZeME” Labyrinth was created in a New York Library. Where the term labyrinth is often used loosely in literature to describe a maze or some kind of endless loops of confusion, the truth is that on every journey there is an education and something to absorb.

Imagine the volumes of books, periodicals and media substance that went into the piles and piles of material used to create it. Then imagine being able to simply open to received the variety of materials as you made your way along the path.

The labyrinth affords us that opportunity everyday. Just being open and ready to allow the walk to upload into our existence we can be that much more aware of the very nuances of the simple acts of nature, threads of purpose or what is drawn to the path. Simply using the word “absorb” we suggest a simple idea to draw into and deepen the meaning…at least for today.

I absorbed and it was the wind that I noticed. Mostly because it was subtle and light. It was the gentle exchange between movement and non movement throughout. At one point I simply stopped and listened and in the listening I let go and allowed the wind to direct me noting where on my body it directed and the course it plotted. It meant I didn’t walk all the paths and instead charted a new one. It made all the difference in my day and was a strong message for me about something that felt forced.

A deep breath with ahhhh – ha at the end,


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