The Tool of Analysis

I use the labyrinth as a tool in my work in a variety of ways. My purpose is to be of service in guiding individuals with external motivations to internal inspirations. Whether it is one on one coaching or a group, a presentation, workshop or retreat, the labyrinth can find its way into any of the above in a variety of ways.

Virtruvian LabyrinthSometimes it is a tool that helps to move a point forward and other times it can be a great assessment for a beginning or ending point. It is the gentle appreciation that helps it become a simple tool of guidance and only a fine line from where it can provide “analysis paralysis” when the arrangement goes from service to directing. Therefore, I find it also a gentle reminder in all.

In this image of the Virtruvian Labyrinth, Scott Grossman creates an adventure for individuals with many points of perspective so that individuals can assess where they are and what is useful in stepping ahead.

I have heard many great stories of professional use in where the labyrinth became a helpful item when either looking for a root or for a solution.  Today it told me of a beginning and an ending and I am often so amused by the way it turns out.  It is the original ask…and receive! May it all be as amusing to find that the answer is generally found right next to a problem. Analyze well!

Stepping into solutions,


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3 thoughts on “The Tool of Analysis

  1. Renie

    this appears to be a great tool .where or how can i get a copy of It???

  2. tls365club

    It is called the Virtruvian Square by Scott Grossburg. Here is the webpage link . He offers a template you can download to begin your own quest

    • Renie

      Thank you so much! this looks like an adventure i look forward to exploring it further . i llove this group

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