Stories that Move us…

We have all heard a story that moved us at one time or another, though had we even thought about how the story can be embedded into the labyrinth? Yes many creators of labyrinth designs have a story to tell in their labyrinth, though I wonder how many specific points may be attributed to a part of the story or a way to lead one through in reflection.

I have had the chance to lead many workshops and walks that incorporated the telling of a story as I am sure is true of many of you. Sometimes we lay down aspects of the story to create it on the labyrinth or as in one case, I had a group painting and adding imagery to a canvas drop cloth creating it as we told the story.

The Abingdon LabyrinthThis is the story of Mary being assumed into heaven, Assumpta est Maria ad Caelestia, Alleluia!

It is found in the 11th century book of Boethius found at the Abingdon Abbey near Oxford in England. Illustrations like this were found in old texts to tell a story or navigate a point of view.

In this design one can either walk the paths of the story or concentrate on the circles. Each relates a different perspective of the story, depending upon the one selected to walk it gives latitude and scope to what was known in the 11th century when it was written about the story that happened quite some time earlier.

So for today, as I head out to the walk I have a story in mind to tell and note that there is the aspect of telling it as I enter and listening to what it was really all about as I leave.

Storytelling is magical,


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