Location, Location, Location

In the state of Minnesota there is a town called Northfield
…and in the town of Northfield there is an educational institution.
…and in that educational institution (Carleton College), there is an island called “Stewsie”.
…and on that island called “Stewsie” is a labyrinth!

Just south of Minneapolis in Minnesota is the home of this labyrinth and while it is on an island, it is not that remote from the college. Though it is remote enough and located on the smaller of the two islands that sit on Lyman Lake and divide the campus. It is thought of as a spiritual meditation at Carleton College and to journey out to it is a destination.

Sometimes in our quest of moving differently it may very well be the journey to the labyrinth that is the true labyrinth itself and the seat of learning.

Imagine standing on that labyrinth on that island and think how you might move differently as there are no walls, no obstructions, just you on a small parcel of land open on all sides allowing for a freedom, a vulnerability or both. Somehow the untethered soul is calling to walk.

Wishing you the freedom and vast open explorations,


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