If the Shoe Fits…

It’s been a long time since I have had the need to go shoe shopping. My daughters and ladies everywhere might be alarmed at this confession, though for me shopping may well be much like this image and I think depicted rightly so.

Somewhere there is a study that says that women who enter a shoe store will automatically turn right after they have entered. For those who enjoy the right handed labyrinth this would hold true. The study did not say what men do, though they are by far not the avid shoppers that women are.

We are coming into the final days of moving differently on the labyrinth for March and when I saw this image, well… it just sort of said what I was thinking. Sometimes it’s about the journey and how you look when you arrive.

This design is from the Stuart Weitzman store in Rome, Italy. It is described as one big bow sumptuously wrapping up a gift of shoes for the soul, or at least that is my interpretation. If the soles on our path are filled with soul, then each step is indeed a gift. However, my first interpretation of this store was that it was labyrinthic in nature as it had the long woven strands that created turns and meandered through the store. What a marvelous truth for shoe display.

In all the steps we take in all of our days, if the shoe fits then the steps are joyful and purposeful and when they don’t it is a clear message that we are indeed on the wrong path.

Whimsically walking,


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