A Glass Half Full…

Today’s adventure of walking differently asks how we see the labyrinth as a glass half full or empty?

In this image of the Minor Maze from the Imperial Library, it won’t matter much as one can start at either end and then flip as they traverse the opposite hemisphere.

It is an illustration in a mythical and magical story depicting the quest of one who seeks something hidden inside. It instructs the individual to conjure not but be conjured instead.
Isn’t that the way with labyrinths?

Even in the mythical stories that are still being created, the labyrinth explains itself and finds a way to be part of a larger story.  This story further reads that alteration is destruction and illusion is the way to restoration and in some aspects this can be true, though with its interesting construction it can also be adjusted to find more meaning in seeing both sides.

Curiously wondering how many have ever walked backwards through a labyrinth just to see the other side of things?  What an opportunity for today!

Curiously creating,

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