Creating a Paper Trail

Paper labyirnth

Going Green in a sea of paper labyrinths

As we wade our way to the end of this excellent month, we are often reminded of the fact that the job isn’t done until all the paper work is in.

We can also be mindful of just how much paperwork there is and how much is really necessary… go green.

This may be similar to the corrugated labyrinth early in this month, though today is about finding a simplicity and discovering a more global mindedness in what we do.

Are we being a contribution or a part of the problem? It is good to ask ourselves the deep questions to keep us on the path of where we want to go.

I am letting this labyrinth be a reminder for me to stake stock in what I have created this month, take a look at the carbon footprint I have left and make sure I have left a bit of legacy in someone important’s life.

It reminds me that even if it is the end of the month, there is still time to declutter my mind or my space or that of the environment around me. It tells me to go to the basics and relish the word simplify and to not get lost in the maze of someone else’s paperwork. If I intend to leave a paper trail, make it something enjoyable to utilize.

Now that is something I can get behind to get ahead…walk on my friends!

Going Lightly,


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