It’s all in the Reflection

We have three suggestions in the labyrinth and we know there is equal merit in the release as there is in receiving and between the two, once we have removed ourselves enough to simply be in concert, it is often the reflection that gives us the perspective of the answer.

Mirror Labyrinth

Jeppe Hein Mirror Labyrinth, London

In this last day of moving differently, not that I will ever stop now, enjoy this labyrinth of mirrors by Jeppe Hein. It is located in Chiswick Park in London.

This first image has a wall of interspersed mirro modules positioned in a circular fashion with more spiraling into the center for labyrinth effect. Though once inside there are many reflections and it is said that one is often wondering which reflection is the true one. What a great way to find the way through myth.

Hein Mirror Labyrinth

A different perspective on the Mirror Labyirnth

Hein creates “Frieze Art” which he uses to design illusion in the everyday. For an individual who would like to separate fact from fiction on the labyrinth, this may be an ultimate in design to do so.

This is a different season and a different angle to see more of the labyrinth style found in Hein’s Mirror Labyrinth.

This labyrinth either reminds me of the deceptive smoke and mirrors or the fun house, which ever attitude you take along in this location of mirrors, it is surely what will make the difference in the outcome.

May the last of the month reflect the days gone by as healthy and helpful for all.

On a different perspective that is more than likely all the same,


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