The April Fool’s Labyrinth…No Kidding!

JestersLabyrinth_WbkgToday one will do well with a sense of humor. It is after all National Humor Month and anyone that would seriously put tax day in the same month as April Fool’s Day does have a sense of humor.

Humor is a wonderful tool for coping and when we can combine it with the tool that is the labyrinth, there is a meditative coping or an exploratory mirth consciousness. As Humor is a function of the mental cognitive mind, it is usually thought of in the terms of joking and good-natured revelry. Laughter will be your emotional response and your body, mind and soul will appreciate you all the more for enjoying yourself with it.

Today walking the path, breathe in and enjoy the start of bringing on the levity in the daily walk.  Remember when you used a little good natured ribbing to get you through or how you’ve grown your personality with a little humor and walk the labyrinth as a humor being. You may be aMazEd how enjoyable the walk becomes.

Of course as April Fool’s Day reminds us to let go and joke around with pranks and situation that catch us off guard, I could be kidding about all of this now.
Fun and fortune for you that I am not.  Though maybe you might… The legend of the labyrinth as retold humorously by you!

Laughing Along singing my song…No Kidding,


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