Earth Focus, Landscapes and Terra Firma

Our monthly focus for April is Mother Earth. With an appreciation of all things natural Earth is our palate  to value in its raw and wild beauty. Labyrinths are formed throughout the Earth without ever being shaped by mankind.

Enjoy being a part of what is natural this month and enjoy a walk in the great outdoors where and when it is possible. If one were to note the steps that they take in the day, a carbon labyrinth may be formed.

The Tor, Glastonbury, England

The Tor is considered the world’s largest labyrinth. It expands two and a half miles and takes about 2 1/2 hours to walk the entire length.

It is located in Glastonbury, England and at the very top sits the last remnant, St. Michael’s Tower. The first church of St. Michael was destroyed and a second was resurrected. This is the one item that remains at the top of this 521 foot rise. History of the Tour

Having walked this labyrinth it has a steep shortcut to the top where one can climb in about 15 minutes and take in the vast landscape from all sides, however the miles of terrain in traversing the pathways really allow one to become meditative and enjoy. If you look out onto the palate surrounding the Tor, small designs and labyrinths can be visible in mathematical arrangement to the relaxed eye.

Today in my natural walk, it was with the suggestion about seeing with environmental eyes, the labyrinths that are abundant on Earth…and it is in the little things.  Walk and soften as Lauren Artress suggests, the world becomes more visible.

Enjoy the natural order this month and be in the exploratory mode and what treasures we’ll discover right here on planet Earth.





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